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A. Check In and Check Out Times
1. Check-in for guest arrivals is from 17:30.  We have staffed check-in which is available between 17:30 and at 20:00.  We also offer self check-in arrangements that operate from 16:00 onwards.

2. If you have booked a room on a self check-in basis, by using promotional code Airport, instructions will be sent to you by text/email. By opting to check yourself in you are given a discount on our room rate and are expected to follow the instructions given. Where you require assistance with checking in this discount may be forfeited.

3. If you have booked a room without self check-in and are not going to arrive by 20:00, you must let us know by 20:00 on the day of your arrival — and we will send you self check-in instructions.  If you fail to do this, we will not wait for you, you may not be able to access your room(s) and there will be no refund. Please note that unless you Choose self-check-in when you book you will not be entitled to a self check-in room discount. The release of Self check instructions is subject to prior payment.

4. Check out is at 10:00 on day of departure.

5. Early check-ins or late check outs without prior agreement will incur a £30 charge.

B. Cancellations
1. You are advised to purchase travel insurance when booking in advance.

2. Where you have booked a room at a preferential non-refundable rate, no refund will be made in respect of a cancellation.

3. For other bookings, cancellations are accepted up to 10:00, 3 days prior to arrival. Cancellation refunds will be made at the original room rate. Refunds take 3-4 working days to process through the credit/debit card providers systems.

4. Cancellations must be made in writing, either through our booking system or by using our Contact Form on this web site.  Please provide the name in which the booking was made and the date(s) of the stay you wish to cancel.

C. Payments

Web Site Bookings:
1. Full payment is taken at the time of booking.

Telephone Bookings:

1. Card details are required to secure a booking.

2. Payments via Paypal are subject to a 5% charge. Debit cards and sterling cash payments are not subject to charge.

3. Non-sterling cash payments are subject to a £10 handling charge. The exchange rate used will be that published by the Post Office on the day of the transaction.

4. If we are unable to process payments, we will make reasonable efforts to contact you using details you provide with your booking. However, if we are unable to contact you and/or we do not receive a response, your booking will NOT be valid and the room will be released for sale. Where a booking is made within our three day cancellation period we require a response within an hour of our attempt to contact you. We will not issue self check in instructions without prior payment.

5. Payment is taken 3 days prior to arrival.

D. Parking
1. Please park considerately.

2. Cars are parked at the owners risk. We accept no liability for any theft or damage to your vehicle whilst parked on our premises.

3. Guests can park their vehicles on our premises for free while they are staying with us.

4. Those wishing to park their vehicles here whilst they are away will be charged £5 per day.  If you are parking for a week or more, we have a special discounted rate of £21 per vehicle for the first week and £15 for each subsequent week.

5. Vehicles whose parking has not been paid for or exceeds the parking period purchased are subject to a £10 daily storage charge.

E. Behavior
1. We reserve the right to refuse admission or to ask guests to leave, without refund, for threatening or unsocial behaviour.

2. In line with government legislation smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere within the Guest House. Failure to comply with this will render you liable to a £100 surcharge for each incident. You may also be reported to the relevant authorities.

3. We will charge you for making good any theft or willful damage to our property.

4. The property is monitored by CCTV for the comfort and security of our guests. CCTV recordings may be used in court or other proceedings bought against those who engage in illegal and/or ant-social behaviour.

5. While we do not normally charge for minor accidental breakages we will charge and debit your card for the full cost of all other breakages, missing items and for the replacement and/or making good of any damage.

6. We may also make a further charge of £50 if you fail to report such damage.

7. Room keys removed from the property will be charged at a standard rate of £20.

8. There will be a minimum charge of £100 for soiled bedding, towels, carpets, furnishings and décor caused by, but not limited to, vomit, food and drink stains, blood and bed wetting. We will also charge in full for any lost room nights resulting from any such damage and incidents mentioned in these conditions.

9. You are expected to show consideration for other guests by keeping noise to the absolute minimum both inside and outside of the house between 22:00 and 09:00.

F. Children
1. Parents are responsible for, and must adequately supervise, their children at all times.

2. Damage caused by children who are not adequately supervised will be charged for.

3. Please Note that we have a small pond that is unfenced. This may be a danger to small children.

G. Dogs
1. Dogs are only allowed by prior arrangement, and in specific rooms. Any breach of this condition will be subject to a £40 surcharge and for any associated cleaning costs.

2. Only dogs over 6 months old are allowed.

3. Dog owners are responsible for the behaviour of their pets. Making good any damage caused by guests’ dogs will be charged for.

4. Dogs are only allowed in designated bedrooms. They must not be left unsupervised.

5. Dogs are not allowed on beds or other furniture.

6. Dogs are excluded from the kitchen, dining area and the pond.

7. Dog owners are responsible for the collection of their pet’s excrement and its acceptable disposal in the large external rubbish bin located 10 yards or so to the left of the front door on the lane.

8. We reserve the right to ask guests and their dogs to leave the premises (without refund) if any of the conditions above are not met and/or the dog(s) exhibit what might be reasonably regarded as dangerous or otherwise unacceptable behaviour.

H. Privacy Policy
1. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

2. No personally identifiable information is collected by us.

3. We do not share information with any other person or organisation.

4. We will occasionally use your email address to notify you of any special offers.

I. External Links
1. Our website contains links to other websites. This information is supplied in good faith.

2. We are not responsible for the content or functionality of any of these external websites, or the supply of goods or services made by the third parties.

J. Taxi Transfers

1. Whilst we make every effort to secure reliable taxi services for guests, we are not responsible for the provision of those services.

2.Where we book services under your instruction, and contrary to any carrier terms,  we accept no  liability for any onward travel, or connections missed.

3. Please allow extra transfer time during adverse weather conditions, we accept no liability for delays caused by these conditions.